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This Web site is designed as a companion to my book, Building Enhanced HTML Help with DHTML & CSS, providing online access to selected elements of the book's support materials.

A personal note

The most difficult part of creating this Web site was balancing between my desire to provide worthwhile content to the HTML Help community and my equally strong desire to reward (not punish) those who had spent good money to buy the book. All writers know the problems of multiple audiences; please understand that I have done my best to serve both groups.

If you already have the book...

The primary headings in the navigation bar to the left mirror the book chapters, while subheadings lead to additional information. Some data is re-presented from the book for convenience; for example, the DHTML section includes cut-and-paste scripts for effects described in the book, to avoid errors when retyping the code. Similarly, the chapter 2 section, "So How Does It Work," has the files required for the book's text-building project. Also, each section opens with excerpts from the chapter overview, for those who do not yet have the book (see below).

Other sections, for example the table of downloadable demos for HTML tools, contain links for access to Web-published data as well as updates for information that has changed since publication. The final heading in the navigation bar adds a listing of HTML Help resources not included in the book.

If you do not yet have the book...

Since its primary purpose is to aid readers of the book, the site does not always include the contextual data required for total understanding. However, each of the main headings in the navigation bar leads to a page excerpting the chapter overview, providing background information on that chapter's topic. In addition, this site includes valuable standalone content such as: