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Choosing HTML Tools

When assessing authoring environments, consider the following specifics that will help insure the product works with HTML Help:

  • HTML markup consistent with the HTML 3.2 or higher specifications. Ideally, the markup should not rely heavily on local formatting tags (except when creating DHTML effects).
  • Ability to access and edit directly in the code.
  • Support for cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Support for dynamic HTML (DHTML). Most HTML editors are limited to bundling a few scripts, but some include more extensive DHTML support.
  • Site management tools, especially global search/replace and automated link testing/updates.
  • Asset storage or libraries (ways to easily access reusable text and your own custom code).
  • Template creation and implementation.

If you’re looking for new tools, check out the many downloadable demos available on the Web to find what’s right for you.