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Tree-Planting Project Files

The tree-planting project is detailed at length in chapter 2, "So How Does It Work? Product & Process Overview." Although you may type your own files from scratch, you can also download the necessary items.

All files are included in a downloadable zip file.

Comments and Errata

  1. Please note that the Procedure Template is stored in the Content folder (where procedural files will logically be stored) so that its links will remain functional. Also, I have removed the comment lines (the lines beginning and ending with exclamation points that surround the <SCRIPT> code) shown on p. 47 Although the full comment format is recommended by the standards, we have been noticing problems with this format in some situations and, in fact, many experienced programmers use the short version.
  2. The Common folder contains a file named DecidiousOnmouseover.htm, which demonstrates the mouseover explained in the book on p.44. Please note that where the word STYLE appears in the book's code, you must substitute the word CLASS. Also note that you must store the HTML and CSS files in the same folder or edit the HTML file so that its stylesheet LINK statement reflects the correct path.
  3. The code for the tree-planting style sheet as shown in the book on p. 41-42 incorrectly references the graphics for the <BODY> background and the <LI> bullet. With the correct path, these references should be \GRAPHICS\LeafBkgrd.gif and \GRAPHICS\TreeBullet.gif. The correct references are used in the downloadable files.
  4. Neither the Procedure Template nor the Decidious Onmouseover demonstration files need be compiled into the tree-planting project.
  5. Some of the project filenames were refined between the original list on pp. 37-38 and the final list on p. 48. The downloadable zip file reflects the names listed on p. 48. In particular, Tree1.jpg and Tree2.jpg in the early listings became Oak.jpg and SantaCruz.jpg in the later listings; Zone1.gif and Zone2.gif in the early listings were combined into ZoneMap.gif in the later listings; and Green.gif became LeafBkgrd.gif.