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So How Does It Work?

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What the Book Covers

The book should explain everything you need to know to efficiently create an attractive and useful compiled project in Microsoft’s HTML Help—whether that project be for online user assistance or for a self-contained ebook.

You can learn how to create the necessary HTML code, cascading style sheets, and dynamic HTML scripts, in addition to how to manipulate the HTML Help Workshop to add navigational functions (table of contents, index, full-text search) and compile the completed project.


This book is not meant as a standalone work on HTML, DHTML, or CSS for general use on the World Wide Web. Its applications are focused on uses within HTML Help.

Within the Help authoring universe, this book focuses on compiled HTML Help as implemented on Microsoft Windows platforms (95, 98, NT, 2000, and forward). It does not specifically address cross-platform or uncompiled Help formats, although many of the tools and techniques can be profitably applied to these formats.

Finally, this book is meant for authors, not developers, and so it does not delve into the mysteries of the HTML Help API.