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Creating a TOC
in the HTML Help Workshop

The Workshop’s Contents and Project tabs provide a graphical interface for creating a table of contents. As you work through the individual dialogs, the Workshop writes an .hhc file reflecting your selections. You can always open this file in a text editor and adjust your choices manually.

  • The Contents tab primarily governs individual entries of the TOC (their text, links, window destinations, and icons, and the order in which they appear); only the Table of Contents Properties dialog concerns overall display issues (default frame, window, and font).
  • Larger design and display issues are addressed on the Workshop’s Project tab in the Options dialog (defines the project's TOC file, whether it is created automatically, and whether it is binary) and the Window Types dialog (automatic TOC synchronization, navigation pane design, and the contents file to be used). Note that both the Options and Window Types dialogs can specify a default .hhc file for the project, but the two dialogs write separate lines in the project file which are not coordinated by the system; it's up to you to make sure the specifications match.

Detailed directions for creating the TOC on these two tabs are described in the book on pp. 262ff.