M.S. in TCM

The MSTCM is a four academic year professional degree that prepares graduates to be effective, competent, and caring practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The curriculum is divided into two portions: the pre-professional courses; and the graduate courses. The pre-professional courses are considered to be equivalent to the latter two upper division years of a baccalaureate program.

Part of student preparation for the California and National Acupuncture Board Exams includes written and practical comprehensive examinations, given at the beginning of the sixth trimester, and the ninth trimester in order to assess and determine each student’s eligibility for the next level of study and for graduation.

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The Chinese arts of acupuncture, acupressure, herbal prescription, Taiji Quan, and meditation are all based upon the study of the foundational theories of yin and yang, the five elements, and eight principles. The practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine is able to determine the condition of the patient’s health by feeling and studying the pulse, observing the tongue, and asking specific questions. Whether the diagnosis is understood and explained in terms of the meridians, the internal zangfu organs, qi and blood, nutrition, or lifestyle, the patient’s imbalances and the practitioner’s treatment plan are always unified by the coherent framework which is Traditional Chinese Medicine.

English Program

  • Daytime Track: Tuesday & Thursdays
    • Enrollment begins in the fall. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday all day for 3 years. Classes run all-year-round, with breaks, and the student is responsible for accumulating practical clinical hours during their 3-year residency.
  • Completion time: 3 years
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Chinese Program

  • Weekend Track: Saturday & Sundays, all day
  • Completion time: 3 years
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The Academy recognizes and credits the pre-professional education and training of all California licensed acupuncturists. A special graduate level program containing a minimum of 60 ACCHS graduate trimester units is offered to such applicants who wish to earn an MSTCM degree. Courses required are primarily selected from the graduate curriculum, Western medical courses, as well as special elective courses which vary from term to term.

Two-hundred (200) clinic hours on-site at the Academy’s teaching clinic are also required. One and a half years residency at the Academy is required of all students. All licensed, special MSTCM program students must successfully complete the Final Comprehensive Exam or evidence a GPA of at least 3.0 (B) in all coursework related to the special MSTCM degree program.